The Fort Smith .NET User Group meets the second Monday of every month.

Meeting location:

ABF General Office
Room 1W.52
3801 Old Greenwood Rd
Fort Smith, AR 72903

(Parking in front of building)

Meeting time is 6:00 PM with presentations starting at 6:30 PM.

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Next Meeting

April 13th, 2015

This month we will have the pleasure to hear from two speakers.

Speaker: David Walker
Topic: DocumentDB - All About The Data, No Tables
Summary: Learn about the powerful NoSQL document database service - Azure DocumentDB and how you can use it in your applications.
Speaker Bio: David Walker is a Sitecore MVP and Sitecore Practice Director for TechAspect. He has over 20 years' experience in application development with over 75% as a consultant. He has been an MCP since 2003, MCAD and MCSD since 2005. He was a Microsoft MVP - ASP/ASP.NET from July 2007 - July 2009, before he joined Microsoft as a Senior Application Development where he mentored numerous Fortune 100 companies on full Application Lifecycle Management and Software Development best practices.
Since writing his first SharePoint assembly in 2004, he has been focused on Enterprise/Web Content Management Systems. He has worked with numerous CMS systems (proprietary, commercial and open source). After his first Sitecore solution in 2007, it has been his preferred CMS platform. He has utilized Sitecore with various types of customers and projects, from private corporate intranets to large-scale, high-traffic, high-volume, ecommerce, multilingual sites. He has worked with clients such as: ESPN, LPGA, USA Triathlon, The Outdoor Channel, Lexis Nexus, 1105 Media, Cox Communications and IBM Global Services.
He has delivered 75+ presentations to the community on a wide range of developer topics. He is currently focused on Azure topics, such as: AzureML, DocumentDb, Azure Search, API Management, Data Factory and the Azure Data/Machine Learning Marketplace.
He is the Chairman of the region’s largest and highly successful technical training event, Tulsa TechFest. He will be hosting the 10th year of this event on August 7, 2015. He has also mentored several other community leaders in running their own technical events.

Speaker: John Tsangaris
Topic: Scrum - One methodology to almost rule them all
Summary: Scrum is a decade and a half old project management methodology that focuses on getting this done the way someone wants it rather than how they ask for it. It attempts to solve the problem of miscommunication, assumption, and other project killing threats. To accomplish this, Scrum presents several concepts, including the definition of done, time boxing, frequent communication, and metrics. While Scrum really rocks and solves many project management related problems, it is not the end all be-all of the project management world. Situations that require large efforts of non-development activity as well as compliance testing can pose management issues if you try to stick to a pure Scrum process. As well, even in a development team environment, processes such as support case handling does not fit well with the Scrum methodology. Moving to Scrum isn’t always a simple decision. It’s a different path for everyone and sometimes requires compromise in the transition as well as in the final process. The important thing is to keep an open mind, open communication, and be open to forward thinking! It’s well known that developers are typically more flexible than other positions when it comes to methodologies, not that we don’t get stuck in our version of, “we’ve always done it this way,” but how do we convince the higher ups that this is the way to go? We will talk about how Scrum benefits everyone, not just developers.
Speaker Bio: John Tsangaris is a Software Engineer for Jack Henry and Associates as well as a Certified Scrum Master. From Law Enforcement to gaming, John’s 17 years of software development experience spans many industries. As well as being enjoying all things geek, he has also spent time as a Police Officer and an amateur writer. Currently, beyond his daily coding regimen, he also volunteers with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, Faithful Aid Foundation, and Fellowship Lodge #345, amongst other non-profit organizations. John’s main addiction is development process efficiency. Current projects include a phenomenally awesome task list manager as well as a Facebook sales app.